Share it Sunday {50}

Welcome to the 50th Share It Sunday! We can hardly believe we have hit a milestone together!  It’s the 50th Share It Sunday and we are very grateful and happy that you continue to share your best stuff with us each week!  Only 2 weeks away from being live for ONE year! WOW!! After looking […]

Pumpkin Cuties

Cutie Pumpkins

I wish I could take credit for these pumpkin cuties… I can’t. My sis-in-law came up with these and served them to the whole family for breakfast on our fall beach trip! Don’t you just love it when a simple idea has such a great impact? These are the little cutie Clementines that are so […]

Share it Sunday {49}


Welcome to another great Share It Sunday!  Last week I shared one of my latest recipes… Pumpkin Crumb Cake. It is so yummy and perfect for fall!! We are so excited each week to see what you share and you continue to create amazing, fresh and cool home decor ideas, projects, crafts, and recipes. Last […]

Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Pumpkin Cake

Do you ever have one of those times when your heart is so full of joy that you think it might burst? I know I am blessed and I do not take it for granted. Our family is very close; all of us… my dad, my hubby and our kids and grandson, my brother and […]

Share it Sunday {48}

Hi again, Everyone! In case I haven’t mentioned this lately, we sure do love our Share It Sunday linkers and lookers! We hope you had a fabulous September! It’s hard to believe we’ve already said hello to October, but wait till you see the exciting things we have to share with you this week! And […]

Remembering September

September in Review- Sondra Lyn at Home

Wow, is it really October? Already?! Well, I am ready for Fall. It’s my absolute favorite time of year. I love chilly mornings, crunchy footsteps, and spicy smells coming from the kitchen! But before we skip off into the fall morning, lets take a look at how the sun set on last month by Remembering […]

5 Reasons to Decorate in Front of your Fireplace

5 reasons to decorate IN FRONT of the FP- Sondra Lyn at Home

So often, we focus on the mantel and the wall above, and we miss entirely what’s down below. So here are my 5 Reasons to Decorate IN FRONT of your fireplace: One reason is so that your eye can be drawn down from the mantel and into the room. In order for the fabulous-ness that […]

The 30-Day Challenge | How Did You do?


Hello Awesome Reader! How do you handle failure? Yeah, I know that may not be the question you want to tackle on a Monday morning! I often don’t handle it very well. As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with perfectionism, and we are so afraid of failure that we often won’t even begin a project! […]

Share it Sunday {47}

Fall Mantel 2014- Indian Corn Detail- Sondra Lyn at Home

What a busy week we had! Does it seem that life keeps going faster and faster and it’s hard to keep up? Ah, but Fall is here, so it’s important that we slow down a bit and take time to enjoy the beauty all around us!! Here ‘at Home’ we participated in ‘A Festival of […]

Vintage Fall Mantel- Sondra Lyn at Home

Fall Mantel 2014- Sondra Lyn at Home

Have you had nice days the past few? We have had gloriously beautiful days this week! That’s another part of Fall that I love… when the air cools off enough to be clean and clear. I think the sky is bluer this time of year than any other. Another aspect of Fall that I love […]

Make a Twine Pear

Pear Vignette- Sondra Lyn at Home

Aren’t the changing seasons wonderful? I love that each season brings its own excitement! Fall has always been my favorite. I love the color that it brings, the cooler temperatures and the anticipation of family gatherings! Before I show you the cutest little craft you’ve ever seen, I want to share with you a bit […]

Festival of Fall- 2014 Blog Tour


Good Morning All… Good Morning FALL! I’m very excited that this week is here! It’s time for the Festival of Fall, brought to you by The Everyday Home blog and Sondra Lyn at Home! I am honored to co-host for this tour and invite you to come along each day for a fun potpourri of […]

Share it Sunday {46}

Hello friend.  Happy weekend! I hope you’re having a good weekend!  We had some truly wonderful links from last week’s Share it Sunday {45} party and I am excited to show you a few! The link with the most clicks was from Kat and Melinda from Home Made Interest and their post creating a Fall Letter Set.   They give […]

Friday Findings: Why I Love Thieves Essential Oil


Are you ready for a Friday Finding? I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for a while now. One of my favorites is Thieves. I remember when I first heard of Thieves essential oil, I wondered if I was hearing the name correctly! Thieves… why would anyone name anything thieves?! Well, that is precisely […]

Tour of Twickenham

Weeden House

Good Morning, friends! We had a wonderful weekend here! Saturday morning, in honor of some birthdays in the family, we took a ride on the Trolley Tour of historic downtown, Huntsville, AL. The tour is offered at the Alabama Constitution Village. Twickenham Historic District was the first historic district designated in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. It […]

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