No-Cook Homemade Ice Cream

No- Cook Homemade Ice Cream- Sondra Lyn at Home

Warning: This recipe may be habit-forming! Is there anything better on a hot summer day than 4 quarts of homemade ice cream… except maybe 5 or 6 quarts? We’ve made ice cream at our house forever. I think we got a freezer as a wedding gift and we’re now on our third one! The second […]

Share it Sunday {38}


Wow!!  Its been another great week and it’s time again for… Share it Sunday!!! And this week we have a special guest with us! Allie from Crafty Allie is Co-Hosting!  Thank you so much, Allie… we are honored! Be sure to stop by her FB page (link above) and her blog (click on her header […]

Repurpose an Old Crate

Old Crate- Sondra Lyn at Home- wtmk

  I recently inherited this old crate from my mother. It is truly vintage. On the short side it says ‘The Big Saver’ in big red bold letters, and on the long side it also has the Royal Crown Cola Co. painted on it! (That’s RC Cola, for you youngsters!) I love this old crate… […]

How to Hang Botanical Prints

How to Hang Botanical Prints- Sondra Lyn at Home

Good Morning, wonderful Lovelies! I’ve been wanting to hang a grouping of botanicals for like… forever. I just couldn’t fork over the cash that they would cost from the big-box stores. Trust me, they are pricey. And understandably so. Original Botanicals are intricate artwork and the reproductions are often hand-colored lithograph prints, which are still […]

13 Awesome Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Collage - SondraLynAtHome

Did you know that July is National Blueberry Month? Isn’t that cool? This yummy, versatile fruit has it’s own month! And they are being harvested right now by the bucketful!! Many farms offer a U-pick option and you can go pick your own for a lower price. As an homage to all things Blueberry, I […]

Share it Sunday {37}

Share it Sunday Logo- revised

When last week’s link party went live, the Haven Blogging Conference was just winding down. Michele and I were able to attend (missed you, Denise!) and it was awesome!! This is such a great opportunity to keep up-to-date on blogging info and network with other bloggers and brands. I’d love for you to read about […]

Haven 2014… and the Crisis it Caused!


Haven caused a crisis… Not a mid-life crisis, mind you. More of an identity crisis. I guess that means this blog is entering adolescence! Or the terrible twos… not sure which. Last year, at Haven 2013, the goal was to soak up all the knowledge possible and apply it to this infant blog. This year, […]

Share it Sunday {36}

Happy Sunday!!! Share it Sunday {36} is live!!! Hope you are either ending a fabulous week (if you are visiting us on Saturday night) or kicking off another great one (if you are visiting us on Sunday). We are now in the middle of the summer! It’s time to kick it up a notch and […]

How to Clean a Whirlpool Tub {or Hot Tub}

How to Clean a Whirlpool Tub - Sondra Lyn at Home

  I think I mentioned on Instagram not long ago that I had spent half a day cleaning the master bathroom. Totally not kidding! I cleaned, cleaned and then cleaned some more. Vacuuming and mopping floors, baseboards, vanities and toilet. Whoosh! Then I decided, what the heck… I should clean the (rarely use) whirlpool tub […]

Share it Sunday {35}

Hello friends! Welcome to a fantastic, new week of Share it Sunday!!! I hope you were able to celebrate the Fourth of July in festive style and surrounded by family and friends. It really is a day about picnics and sunshine (hopefully ) and fun. And speaking of fun, there were a lot of fun […]

10 Patriotic Dessert Recipes

10 Patriotic Recipes --- Sondra Lyn at Home

Don’t you just love the 4th of July? It holds so much meaning for us as a nation, for families, and it’s just an all-round fun holiday! These 10 patriotic dessert recipes personify the holiday for me! The colors, the tastes… Mmmmm! Just need some soft drinks in a wash tub, and we’re ready to […]

How to find True Happiness

YUGO-Raising support beam- feeding kitchen

Morning, lovely people! My hubs and I are fresh off a really eye-opening experience that I want to share a bit about today! Most of my working life has been spent helping others make their homes beautiful. It is a profession I have loved and it is always so rewarding to see the befores and […]

Share it Sunday {34}

Share it Sunday Logo- revised

It’s another fabulous week of Share it Sunday!!! Last week was incredibly busy at Sondra Lyn at Home. Because Sondra Lyn wasn’t… well, AT HOME! I’ll be telling you what was going on a little later, but the blog was still active! My friend, Jessica, at Decor Adventures, guest posted for me last Monday. Be […]

Easy Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler- Sondra Lyn at Home

Easy Cherry Cobbler Today I want to share one of our family’s favorite recipes! Oh, my goodness. I often wonder if I love to cook because I love to eat, or if I love to eat because I love to cook so much! Sort of a chicken-or-the-egg kind of thing. Anyway. I discovered this variation […]

The Celebration Continues | Guest Post from Decor Adventures!


Happy Monday! The celebration continues! You remember I told you there were more surprises in store for the ONE year Blog-iversary of Sondra Lyn at Home? Well, today I have a friend helping me celebrate: Jessica from Decor Adventures! And don’t forget to enter the awesome Anniversary Summer Giveaway… you could win $650 in PayPal […]